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        Special Thanks

We are especially thankful for all our teachers  and sponsors without whom the TBH Series would not be possible .

Tim Richardson 

South Bend Community Schools including Adams, Clay, Riley & Washington High Schools in

South Bend

Erika Celeste 

Cahoots Coffee Cafe, Angola

Mark Truesdell                              South Side H.S., Ft. Wayne

Karelene Krouse &  Adam Hanke    Bishop Luers H.S., Ft. Wayne

Josh Smith                                      Wayne Tech, Ft. Wayne

Adam Schenkel                           Homestead H.S., Ft. Wayne

And a very warm thanks to WFWA general manager Bruce Haines, who's stuck with us from the beginning. We couldn't do it without you!



TBH has some very special sponsors in the works. Be sure to check back soon as we unveil some of our strongest cheerleaders!

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